We want you to be our Blue Patient

We aim to help enhance the quality of life for our patients

According to the documentary “Living 100 Years: The Secrets of the Blue Zones” which can be seen on the well-known Netflix streaming platform, we can define a blue zone as those places where, due to a series of circumstances, there is a situation of having a greater number of centenarians than in other areas.

According to this documentary, the most important points to reach these unusual ages are, among others, the altitudes at which these situations are found, the specific diet, staying active both physically and mentally by practicing light exercises such as walking or taking care of their gardens, socializing with people and spending as much time as possible with their loved ones.

Why did we name this documentary?

We know that in most cases we cannot offer some of the key points of this documentary, such as the altitude of the area, or a specific diet.

But what we can offer, and which is certainly an undeniable point to reach these ages, is the option for our elders to always remain in their homes, surrounded by the people they love most and also cared for and accompanied as they best deserve.


Our service of a psychologist and/or physiotherapist at home with their treatments and exercises to follow will exercise our elders, of course, another very important point to take into account to try to extend the lives of our relatives as much as possible.