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The most requested service by our clients is the 24/7 service, where an exclusive person lives in the home focused on the care and attention of the elderly person.

The coverage provided by a person living in the home day and night is particularly what gives our clients the most PEACE OF MIND and CONFIDENCE.

With this option, it’s like having a HOME RESIDENCE SERVICE at home


Residency Home Care Service - La Cruz Azul


Home Help Aides

The home help aides provide home care assistance at the user’s home and at the requested schedule, directed by human resources specialist psychologists.

They cover numerous functions, including,

Domestic tasks such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, home cleaning, and assisting the user in dressing.

Sanitary tasks such as minor care, personal hygiene, medication supervision, diaper changes, postural changes, and changing of tubes, among others.

Social tasks, including accompaniment inside and outside the home, transportation support, going for walks, watching TV, reading books, socializing with seniors, among others.

Within these functions, we adapt to the specific needs of each user.


Clinical Geriatric Psychology.

It is a discipline that focuses on the treatment of mental and emotional problems in older people. Its purpose is to guide older people towards the solution of their personal conflicts and help prevent them.


Anxiety disorders

Such as generalized anxiety disorder or separation anxiety disorder, can manifest through symptoms such as tachycardia, sweating, intense fear, and avoidance of situations that cause anxiety.


Mood disorders

Such as major depression, characterized by a state of sadness and loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyed. Or bipolar disorder, which is characterized by extreme changes in mood state, with episodes of mania or hypomania alternating with episodes of depression.


Sleep disorders

Such as REM or non-REM sleep disorders or sleep-onset insomnia. These disorders can manifest through problems with being able to sleep peacefully, waking up frequently during the night, or having disturbing dreams.


Cognitive rehabilitation

Focuses on improving the mental and cognitive abilities of older people, such as memory, attention, and problem-solving, through activities that include logic and memory games, reading and writing, or crafting work.


Home Physiotherapy

This is a health specialty aimed at preventing injuries, curing them, and recovering and/or maintaining the user’s quality of life.

In Geriatrics, it can be very useful for treating problems such as difficulty walking, climbing stairs, chronic pain, or rehabilitation after surgery, as well as improving the ability to perform daily activities such as dressing or bathing

In Neurology, it helps to treat problems related to the nervous system, such as paralysis, helping older people to improve their mobility and muscular strength. In stroke or multiple sclerosis, it helps to recover strength and mobility of the affected parts and fatigue.

In Rheumatology, it can also be very useful for treating problems related to rheumatic diseases such as arthritis or lupus. Especially good for joint pain, inflammation, and fatigue.


Home supervision of provided services.

Our psychologists specialized in the home care sector are used to supervise and evaluate the functioning of our services in the user’s home. This includes:


Adaptation and presentation of our services

Accompaniment of the assistant to the user’s home to present the service to the family and proceed with the appropriate indications.


Supervision of function protocols

To ensure that the instructions you provided are being carried out efficiently, properly and professionally..


Control of the auxiliaries’ organizational chart and holidays

So that we can ensure that the patient is always attended to in the best possible way, reviewing the corresponding holidays with you.


Organize supervision protocols

Organization of the next appointments, which we will use to see that everything is going as it should, that the instructions of the professional psychologists and/or physiotherapists are being followed. As well as indicating new procedures if necessary.

All these areas of specialization are provided at any time you hire us and any day of the month according to the needs presented by the elderly and that are evaluated in the evaluation visits to their home.

On guard

Our response times

La Cruz Azul‘s response times are practically immediate.

We work with people and we know that incidents continue to occur; we’re not going to be the typical company that puts in their slogan that people will never fail and that they are infallible, because that’s not reality. People are people and even if they are very professional, they still have their lives and needs.

What we offer is that the team behind the scenes takes care of ensuring that incidents are minimized as much as possible, and in the event that they occur, we provide a prompt response so that the client has the best quality of life and therefore the confidence that the service is covered at all times.

For this, we have a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year. Additionally, we are supported by a monthly visit from a psychologist and physiotherapist, always focused from a healthcare perspective.

The fastest response times

The most important

Human Resources Department

It is essential that the selection and training area for home care assistants at La Cruz Azul functions optimally, as the quality of social assistance we provide depends on it.

Therefore, it is important to highlight that this department is led by highly qualified professionals in the field of Human Resources, who manage it efficiently to ensure excellence in the care provided by the assistants.

Assistants are rigorously selected and trained through a specially designed course for this purpose.



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